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Tiny LLM Conveniences

Ways LLMs could be used in existing products to add a tiny bit of convenience #

As an aside, I’m considering writing a piece on “tiny ways LLMs could be used that customers would appreciate” - some examples are:

  • For my DNS (e.g. Cloudflare) - Allow me to copy in a poorly formatted block of text containing the DNS records I need, and then extract all the records and say “here are the records, ready to be added, click this one button to add them all at once”
  • For Spotify - Allow me to make a playlist from my liked songs based on a natural language description of the vibe I’m going for, with me providing a few songs as examples
  • For marketplaces (Turo, Airbnb) - help hosts write clear and concise descriptions, or make it easy for me to see only the notable things from their description/listing, rather than the fluff text (yes, that includes helping me get rid of GPT-generated fluff-text). I don’t care about all the standard details that I’m expecting, but if you have a “P.S. The hot tub isn’t working” buried in your listing text, I’d want that to be highlighted and easy to read, and I’d want all the fluff to be hidden below.
  • For - Allow me to search notes by natural language
  • For email - Suggest which emails I’m likely to archive, and which ones I’m likely to reply to. Draft responses in my writing style based on my prior emails with that same person (or, if I haven’t emailed them before, based on emails with similar context). Summarize incoming emails.
  • For online forums - Instead of asking users to read a long set of rules that many ignore, read their posts and comments when they hit submit, and tell them if any rules are being violated, and give them a suggested fix that they can apply, before they post it
  • For Siri - Figure out what command I’m likely asking, based on similar commands I’ve used in the past
  • For iTerm - allow me to set a setting so that whenever a command exits with an error code, it sends it to gpt-4 and sends back the response
  • For github and git - auto follow the setup instructions for a project to get it set up on my machine after I clone it (again, preview all the steps so I can approve all of the commands before they’re executed)
  • For complex interfaces (Google Cloud, AWS) - allow me to say what I want in natural language, and then instead of having me follow instructions to complete it, please complete it for me (show me a preview, so I can approve the result)