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GPU Clouds for Falcon-40B

To run Falcon-40B, 85GB+ of GPU ram is preferred. 8-bit mode should be runnable on an 80GB card, but we’re going to focus on setups with 85GB+ ram for better performance, and assuming using 16-bit mode.

Provider System Overall Access Total price/hr
Vastai 2x A6000 Sometimes good, sometimes bad Instant $1.35
FluidStack 2x A6000 Best Instant $1.60
Lambda 2x A6000 Best Instant $1.60
Runpod 2x A40 or 2x A6000 Best Instant $1.62
Crusoe 2x A6000 Not recommended Waitlist $1.84
Oracle 4x A10 Not recommended My account failed verification $2.44
Oblivus 2x A40 or 2xA6000 Good but higher pricing Instant $3.03
CoreWeave 2x A40 or 2x A6000 Not recommended Manual approval $3.50
AWS 4x A10 Not recommended Instant $5.70
Azure 2x A100 80GB Not recommended Instant $7.35
Google Cloud 2x A100 80GB Not recommended Instant $10.09

GPU Cloud Pricing for Falcon-40B

View the full table with additional details on Google Sheets here and add your comments.