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DGX GH200 vs GH200 vs H100

What’s the difference between a DGX GH200, a GH200, and an H100? #

Chart version #

graph TB A(1x DGX GH200) subgraph GH200s [256x GH200s] B(Each GH200) subgraph H100Grace [H100 GPU & Grace CPU] C(1x H100) D(1x Grace CPU) end B -- "contains" --> H100Grace end A -- "contains" --> GH200s

Text version #

  • 1x DGX GH200
    • Contains 256x GH200s (“Grace Hoppers”)
      • Each GH200 contains 1x H100 and 1x Grace CPU

DGX GH200 (Nvidia DGX GH200 Supercomputer) #

The DGX GH200 supercomputer contains 256 GH200s1

DGX GH200 Release Date #

“NVIDIA DGX GH200 supercomputers are expected to be available by the end of [2023]”2

GH200 (GH200 Superchip / “Grace Hopper”) #

The GH200 contains 1x H100 GPU and 1x Grace CPU3