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Stable Diffusion Websites

Name Price (Images Per Month) Easy LoRAs?
🏆 HappyAccidents free (unlimited during low demand) - $9/mo (1,500 fast images always available) Yes
🏆 free (unlimited) - $4-15/mo for pro plans Yes
🏆 RunDiffusion $0.5/hr Yes
Playground AI free (1,500/month) - $15/mo (60,000/month) No free (100/month) - $12/mo (3,000/month) No
Lexica free (100/month) - $10/mo (1,000/month) No
Clip Drop free (400/day with watermarks) - $9/mo (1,500/day) No
Prompt Hero $9/mo (300/month) No
Leonardo AI waitlist (unclear pricing) No
Dream Studio $10 for 2000 images No

More here.

Alternatives to Stable Diffusion:

  • 🏆 Midjourney
  • Dall-E

Local setups:

  • Automatic1111. Here’s a tutorial for running this on a cloud GPU with Runpod (it uses the Runpod “fast-stable-diffusion” template) - tutorial. If you want to use the “stable-diffusion:web-ui” template instead, deploy it, wait 3-4 minutes for it to finish initializing after the pod is created, then click ‘connect’ then ‘connect via http’
  • SD.Next
  • InvokeAI
  • ComfyUI